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Friday, September 10, 2004

Dear sweet Klaralund

Like a siren from the sea
Klaralund is calling me

Damn is that ever a pretty sweater! I wasn’t too crazy about it when I just saw the pattern from the book, but now that Alison (of the Blue Blog Alisons) has finished hers, I do believe I need a Klaralund in my life. I love the shape, the back, the texture, the colors, the name. Just loverly. I’d like to wait until more people in the Klaralund-Along finish theirs so I can see how it will look on someone shaped more like me, but I fear my will is not strong enough and I shall buckle under the pressure of Noro Silk Garden. Those scrumptious colorways are beckoning to me. Make them stop! Why won’t someone just make them stop?!?

And when the tiny voices of colorways are not creating a constant buzz in my head, the surprisingly husky voice of Hallowig is. Now, what we have here is something that is so kooky, so bizarre, so completely unhelpful in my day-to-day existence that I simply MUST have it. Its very unnecessariness has made it absolutely necessary. Imagine that! There are a couple of fantastic things in the brand-spankin’ new Knitty that I’d like to make. Blaze is something I think I’d like to work up to. I haven’t figured out the cable thing yet, but it’s on the list. (now where did I put that list . . .)

Frida from the new MagKnits is also quite fetching, but as much as I want to make every poncho I see, I must choose only one. I may succumb to the evil mind-bending powers of the Very Harlot Poncho, as many of our sisters in knitting have. But I don’t even know if I’d ever wear it. I use a backpack instead of a purse, so I think wearing it over a poncho would be a little awkward, and I just can’t wear it underneath. With all my little physical imperfections, I simply cannot toss a hunch on the pile.

I got my 100% One Hump Camel (hee hee) in the mail yesterday. It’s so light and airy - it almost feels like cotton candy. It was all I could do not to lick it to see if it would melt. Ok, I licked it a little. It didn’t melt, but I was spitting camel fibers for a while after that. Don’t tell anyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heheh! yeah, that sheep does look like it's hacking something up :) i don't actually know if i'll even wear my poncho, but i just felt like knitting one... and yeah, the ones in target are HORRID!!! noro can do strange things to a person, can't it? - crystal (

9/10/2004 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Klaralund's sirens have been calling my name as well since I saw it in the Ramwools catalog a couple weeks ago. And I came THIS close to ordering the yarn 2 days ago. Made it all the way to the online checkout and bailed when I remembered the FIVE cones of yarn that I already purchased this month at the Webs' sale. And haven't even swatched yet - LOL!

Your manly sweater is coming along quite nicely!

9/11/2004 07:44:00 AM  
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