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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I finally got my act together and put up my gallery! It's not exactly finished, I'd like to fix it up a little, make it look nicer, maybe put it on a separate page so I can describe the project and the yarn used. But at least it's something.

There were also some pictures that I simply had to add, even though they aren't knitting/crochet-related. I like the idea of having a "Random Stuff" wing in my gallery. They're pictures of my goofy earrings that I made in high school during the height of Howard Jones' reign. I also put a picture of one of the embroidery pieces I made when I was a little kid. The ones I mentioned hanging in an earlier post appear to be missing. Strange. I'm sure hubby has put them somewhere nice and safe. I'll check under the litter box later.

And here is a picture of our kitten, Mike, enjoying a tongue bath with Sophie.

I also wanted to show off my super-cool knitting needle roll that I ordered from Amy when I first started knitting. She happened to have the exact pattern I wanted all set to go. It's Perky Pink Poodles! I love this thing, and since a large score on eBay, it's crammed full! (please ignore the gobs a felt-like cat hair on the chair)

Work on the Manyly sweater continues, but whenever I try to knit fast, I miss a purl and have to rip back. Bah! I want to finish my sweater NOW!


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