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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Me, me, me! It's all about ME!

Ok ok, I did it. Like everyone else in Blogland, I made a List. It was really tedious, but kind of fun in a “Hey, look at me!” kind of way. I guess I was feeling sentimental after the Pixies reunion show last night, so I figured a little self-exploration was in order. The Pixies, by the way, were great. Kim Deal kicks ass in 9 different directions. The crowd was an interesting mix of 30-somethings who are just a bit worse for the wear, and a younger folks who look like we 30-somethings used to before said wear. The show was at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell and was not the best venue. It was weird enough when they made everyone throw their cigarettes and lighters into the trash, but what really got me was that they herded everyone out through one main exit. They actually blocked the other exits! It was a major accident waiting to happen. If there had been a fire, it would have been a bad scene. Wow. I sound like someone’s mother. Anyhoo, the show got me thinking about where I was when I was listening to the Pixies music for the first time and where I am now. I’ve come a long way, baby.

Alright, here’s my list. I won’t be offended if you only slog your way through the first handful. This was mostly an exercise for me, but I might as well share. I threw some pictures in here and there to keep it interesting.

1. I have far exceded my own expectations for myself. This is mainly because I don't usually set expectations. But I'm quite happy with the life I've carved out for myself.

2. I was born and bred in Manchester, NH.

3. I was a cute kid.

4. My parents are still married.

5. I have a brother who is two years older than me.

6. My brother and I had a love/hate relationship from day one. We were constantly fighting and antagonizing each other, and yet we always wanted to be together. We were partners in crime. I love him to smithereens.

7. I moved out of the house when I was 17.

8. I didn’t really want to go to college and only applied to one place.

9. I went to Mass College of Art for photography.

10. My brother also went there.

11. My husband also went there.

12. I dropped out after two years because for me, nothing sucks the joy out of
art like dissecting it.

13. The most fulfilling job I ever had was working with teens who had developmental and behavioral disorders. It was both physically and emotionally exhausting, but it felt really good. I learned way more from them than they did from me. I don’t know how to change a baby’s diaper, but I do know how to change a 17-year-old’s. It was life-altering, humbling, grounding, aggrivating, excruciating, frightening, enlightening, shocking, amazing. When I really start to get down, I remind myself that as long as I can take care of my own bathroom needs, I’m doing ok. It’s also nice to know that no one at my present job is going to bite me. At least not without provocation.

14. I am now a programmer at a software company.

15. I got my start as a programmer when I was a bored receptionist. I taught myself how to use a couple of different pieces of software and the Director of Technology asked if I was interested in learning some programming skills. I said yes and have worked for him at three different jobs. I am one of four founding members in the company he started two years ago. I am very lucky.

16. I am living proof that you can get ahead if you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, even without them fancy learnin' papers.

17. I own a 3-family house with my brother and my best friend. Jon and I live on the third floor, my friend is on the second, my brother and his wife are on the first.

18. I have 4 cats, Chloe, Dot, Chi-Chi, and Mike. I am allergic to cats and have to take 3 kinds of allergy and asthsma medicines daily so I can live with them.

19. I used to work at a costume shop.

20. When I was little, there was a small plaque hanging at the end of the hallway in our house. On it was a sad-looking white dog (Bijon Frise, maybe?) and an “inspirational” saying. I looked at it every day for years. It became something of a mantra and very well could have made me the person I am today. It said “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.” Umm, thanks?

21. I have a hard time saying things simply and tend to get verbose and anecdotalize everything until suddenly I can’t just list something, it has to become a long, involved story.

22. I am an eBay junkie. I have been clean on and off for the last 7 years. Since I began knitting, I have fallen off the wagon. Hard.

23. I laugh inappropriately when I’m nervous.

24. I hate March. I think it’s nature’s way of toying with humans. It tricks you into thinking spring is right around the corner, that tomorrow could be warm, that you will soon be able to feel your finger and toes. And every year I fall for it. Then we get hit with the coldest, nastiest weather of the season. Lousy Smarch weather.

25. I love the Simpsons.

26. I hate March so much that I scheduled our wedding in March so we could have something to look forward to and use it as an excuse to get away for a week.

27. Jon and I were married in a nightclub/bowling alley.

28. I got my wedding dress from eBay. It’s a bright red Hawaiian print halter dress from the 1940’s.

29. Jon and about 95% of our guests also wore Hawaiian prints. My dad’s shirt matched my mom’s muu muu.

30. When I was in grammar school, I used to lend my brother my allowance and charge him exhorbedent amounts of interest. My father is still proud of that.

31. In high school, I used to collect bottle caps from the wine coolers he and his friends drank (it was the 80’s, Bartyles and James were kings among teens). I hid them, moving them often to thwart snoopers. When I was in need of a chore or just wanted to be amused, I would shake the caps in my cupped hands menacingly and force my brother to do my bidding.

32. I save goofy sentimental things almost to the point of mental illness. Among many things, I have the first book report I ever did (on Paddington Bear), tests and workbooks from throughout grammar school, letters from Pen Pals I don’t even remember having, the bill from the mechanic when I crashed my mom’s car in high school, pieces of a color theory project from art school that I never finished, just about every ticket to every concert I’ve ever gone to, name tags from every job where I had to wear a name tag, and a small mass of circles made out of masking tape that my brother stuck to our cat, Penelope, when he was about 14. He said he was making her a leopard. After removing them from the poor beast, I tucked them away to used as blackmail at a later date. They still have her fur on them and I think about having her cloned every once in a while.

33. My brother and I can still get each other going and my mom still yells at us to behave ourselves at holidays.

34. I used to have a 1976 Dodge dart named Flamey. She was black with flames.

35. As a child, I was terrified of dogs. I’m not any more, but if I see a large dog running nearby, I do get a little panicked.

36. I was, am, and always will be afraid of clowns.

37. I worked for a party clown for a few years. She understood my Coulrophobia and kept her distance when she was in her makeup.

38. My favorite costumes to wear to kid’s parties were the cowgirl and pirate’s wench.

39. My least favorite was Christmas Elf. It came with an implied sense of cheer. My Elf name was “Surly”. Luckily, no one ever asked. David Sedaris’ “Santaland Diaries” holds a special place in my heart.

40. I can make simple balloon animals and have my own face-painting kit. I do a really good tiger.

41. If I were stranded on a desert island with only on CD, it would be “The Heart of Saturday Night” by Tom Waits. Then I would make a raft out of coconuts and monkey pelt so I could sail somewhere to get the rest of his CDs. I’d sail right back, I promise.

42. I think “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” is one of the best albums ever. Every song is the best song on the record.

43. Prince is partially responsible for my marriage.

44. Music is really important to me and often a song can bring me right back to a specific point in time. I could make a 100 list of music way easier than I could about myself.

45. I would give almost anything to spend the day going to yard sales with John Waters.

46. One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Shawshank Redemption”.

47. I’m one of those people who is always using quotes from movies in everyday conversation.

48. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever encountered.

49. I love me some Johnny Depp (referred to by my brother and I as “the Deppster”). I have since the first time I saw “21 Jump Street”.

50. My friend Charlene and I drove across the country and camped along the way.

51. On this trip I learned that in some desert campgrounds, they use sprinklers to keep little trees near the sites alive. I only learned this after I had leapt onto the picnic table and was trying to think of a way to jump onto the car and get in from the roof. Sprinklers sound remarkably like rattlesnakes, especially in the middle of the night at the Homolovi Ruins State Park. I wish I had a picture of the look on Charlene’s face when she finally convinced me that the hoses weren’t going to strike.

52. Charlene and I also kayaked through mangrove tunnels in the Florida Everglades on a self guided tour (aka. Just the two of us and a map in the middle of a swamp with mosquitos, spiders, snakes and alligators). It took us four hours and by the end of it, we felt like we had been through the jungles of Viet Nam. One day I will recount this story. Perhaps when I get back from Florida next week and we’ve had a much less harrowing adventure at Disney’s Hoop Dee Doo Revue.

53. On yet another camping trip with Charlene, this time in Joshua Tree National Park,
it was very cold when we went to sleep. We layered our clothes, zipped up our sleeping bags, and hunkered down in our tent. By the time morning came and the sun was up, we were baking like burritos. It was just so hot! Charlene woke up first, realized how hot it was, and sort of assumed for a moment that I was dead. From the heat. She woke me up and we couldn’t stop laughing because it was just so hot. I’m laughing as I type this, it was just that hot. We wrestled oursleves out of our sleeping bags and started tearing off our layers. She finally had the idea to open the tent flap. All the while, we’re laughing hysterically and repeating “It’s so HOT!” over and over. This was at least 10 years ago and to this day, I can look at Charlene and say, completely out of the blue, “God, it was just so hot.” and we’ll both start giggling uncontrollably.

54. Charlene and I are just as close as if we were sisters. She will always be my best friend. It says so on the 30-year mortgage we took out together.

55. I think she and I should write a travel guide.

56. The first page of that travel guide will say “When camping in the desert, we have learned that it is wise to take more than Pringles, wine, and pot.”

57. On our first date, I showed Jon how to make a joint by emptying a cigarette and carefully packing the weed in.

58. I quit smoking shortly after we started dating. He still feels kind of ripped off. He thought he was getting a wild and crazy party girl.

59. I think marijuana should be legalized and regulated in a similar way that alcohol is.

60. I love mid-century antiques. My kitchen is decorated with mostly stuff from the 40’s, even the wallpaper (thank you eBay!).

61. I have a tattoo and I don’t really like it. I want to get it redesigned. It’s barbed wire. I was an angry 20-year-old.

62. I can’t believe anyone is still reading this.

63. Jon and I would like to have a kid or two some day.

64. We like Jake for a boy’s name, and Lela for a girl. Jake and Lela.

65. My parents’ names are Jack and Stella. I didn’t notice the similarities in our potential kids name to theirs for a while.

66. We have agreed that if we don’t have kids, we’re going to train a helper monkey. Neither of us is sure if we’re kidding or not.

67. I love monkeys. I also just love the word “monkey”.

68. I’ve always considered myself fairly mature.

69. hee hee . . . 69!

70. When I’m really upset, it’s best to ignore me and I’ll get over it.

71. I use way too much ketchup.

72. I like Oprah. She seems really nice.

73. When I was little, Mickey Dolenz was my favorite Monkee. As I matured, I switched to Mike Nesmith.

74. My bologna has a first name. It’s O-s-c-a-r.

75. I won the smile contest on the Uncle Gus show (a local kid’s show in my hometown) when I was about 7 or 8. I won a tube of toothpaste with Tweety Bird on it. The kid who named all the states got a talking View Master. Figures the one time I used my looks to get something, the guy with the brains got the good stuff.

76. I get lost or take wrong turns while driving all the time. Like 75% of the
time. Well, maybe not that much, but a lot. Seriously.

77. I am not a punctual person and I know it’s rude and I try to be on time, but my internal clock is all screwy and I can’t help it. I’m sorry.

78. My memory is awful and although I can remember things from my childhood, I barely have any recollection of last week. Often I will forget something moments after I am told.

79. If I am in a meeting for more than 15 minutes, assume that I am no longer able to pay attention. I have been in one-to-one meetings with bosses where my mind is comsumed with this inner dialogue: “I need to pay attention. Pay attention! I really should be listening. This is bad, why can’t I pay attention? I’m going to be screwed, I have no idea what this person is saying. What did he just say? Can he tell I have no idea what he’s saying? Pay attention.” One would think I could put all that energy into paying attention rather than distracting myself by telling myself to pay attention, wouldn’t you? Nope.

80. I can do fine motor stuff (knitting, sculpting, other crafty stuff) for hours on end and not lose focus (or get up to got to the bathroom).

81. I am very non-confrontational and I like it that way.

82. My favorite food is sushi. Second is Indian.

83. My least favorite food is anything made with goat’s milk.

84. The best cake I ever made used a cake mold shaped like a big dress and a Joey Lawrence doll.

85. For Christmas last year, I made a Buche de Noel, complete with meringue mushrooms. Jon made a squirrel out of almond paste to top it off.

86. As stressful as it is, I love holiday cooking.

87. I lived with my brother in Los Angeles for about a year in the early 90’s. I worked at a comedy club (I’ve handed paychecks to Drew Carey and Jimmy Walker, among others)

88. If my friends here had been out there with me, I probably would not have moved back so soon. There’s a lot of fun to be had there if you’re in the right headspace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. I overlooked a lot of good opportunities in LA LA Land.

89. I don’t really have a any solid goals for the future and it kind of worries me. Then I remember that I never have and things worked out pretty well on their own.

90. I’m agnostic, but still feel occasional pangs of superstition and guilt that are left over from my Catholic upbringing.

91. My brother and I were eventually not allowed to sit together in church because we were too disruptive.

92. From looking at my list, my brother figures very heavily in how I define myself. I don’t consider this a bad thing as I think he’s very cool.

93. I like to read directions before I proceed.

94. Mr. Winkle
makes me squeal like a little girl. If loving Mr. Winkle is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

95. I love super dark chocolate. I prefer dry and bitter to creamy and sweet.

96. I love pop culture and the irony and ridiculouslness within.

97. Humor is vital to my existence.

98. I firmly believe that things are as they are meant to be. Sometimes. Sort of. Ok, change that “firmly believe that” to “I wonder if”.

99. I do not have any firm philosopical, theological, or supernatural theories. One day I think one thing, the next it’s something different. I kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal most times and that’s cool. Whatever. As long as no one is trying to impose their beliefs on me, I’m fine.

100. I can really go on and on about myself, huh?


Blogger kris said...

i love reading these lists! (there seems to be a revival of them now.) you look so beautiful in your wedding picture, btw. love the dress!

as for reunion concerts, the crowds are always interesting. i don't know if it's best to be on the old "i liked this band before you were even born" side or the young "you're all trying to look like teenagers and failing miserably" side ... yum, pixies! went to see bowie play in a park this summer and the "old crowd" had even brought chairs to sit on. chairs. to a bowie show.

12/03/2004 04:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Someone else who loves Mr. Winkle!
Wendy (

12/03/2004 08:32:00 AM  
Blogger Elisa said...

My bologna has a second name it's H-O-M-E-R. :)

So, were you guys married at the Milky Way? I've read that the weddings they've done there have always been great.

I love the pictures to go along with your list, too. That's an excellent idea.

Monkeys are rad (I was a child of the 80's, too) - but have you SEEN sugar gliders? Not as helpful, of course, but quite cute.

My best friend and I have some memories together like the ones you describe with Charlene. All of your Charlene entries really made me laugh.

Thanks for a great list to start my morning!

12/03/2004 08:40:00 AM  
Blogger unravelme said...

I can totally relate to losing concentration during meetings. TOTALLY relate.

12/03/2004 09:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes....MST3K. I was an addict back in the day too. Did you know MST3K and Prince are both out of MN? And people think we're just a bunch of betcha!

12/03/2004 10:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's been great getting to know you. mickey dolenz is still my favorite monkee. he kind of looks like johnny damon. don't you think?

maryse at

12/03/2004 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger melanie said...

I love these lists too. My inclination is always to write the person and tell them which ones I share in common - so I'll do that soon... but in an email. Long comments freak me out.

That said...Pictures are indeed a great idea. I was just writing my own list and now want to add some visual enhancements.

12/03/2004 10:45:00 AM  
Blogger TheBunny said...

We are strangely alike. This is reassuring because you seem like a bright, fun woman so I'm gonna assume I am too!

I am, however, dead jealous of Flamey and I didn't bake a cake with a Joey Lawrence doll but I did go to school briefly with him. Well, we were at the same school and I walked by him in the Quad once. That counts, right?

I have two brothers and wish I had more and I highly approve of the wedding. I have always vowed that my wedding would be a big bar-b-que which guys seem to approve of but none have stepped up to the plate yet. I might have to have a bar-b-que just to celebrate my singleness.

Kudos for managing to complete that list.

12/03/2004 12:10:00 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Great list - the pictures are fabulous.

I identified with a lot of what you wrote, but two things in particular:

1) I've done the cross country/camping thing twice, and stayed in the Joshua Tree National park (how amazing are those boulders!?!) and had a little rattlesnake scare myself. I locked myself in the car until Mama Bunny hopped to where the "snake" was and I realized the rustling was a bunnies nest. Yeah, I felt like a city bumpkin then, huh?

2) I had a mad crush on Micky Dolenz when I was 8. The Monkeys were my first concert (only 3 of them performed, can you guess who?) And then I found out what a skeezeball he was when he tried to pick me up at Jose Macs one Thursday night, and assured me I wasn't too young for him because his last girlfriend was 19. I was 22. Ewwww. Good for you for moving on to Mike Nesmith, the responsible and stand up Monkey.

Someday I might have to write a post about that.

Anyway, good job with the List.


12/03/2004 02:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a time when The Heart of Saturday Night would have been required as my sole CD while stranded on a desert isle. If you'd caught me even a a month ago, that would still be the case. However, I recently began my re-obsession with Closing Time, to be followed soon, if history is any indication, by a re-obsession with Small Change. The new album is pretty darn good as well. I heart Tom.

Mike Anderson, the second (and I feel less humorous--though still perfectly funny) host of MST3K used to belong to the same video store I did when I lived in Minnesota. I never saw him there. Apparantly other people did.

Seriously though, #43? Come on, if you tell us, I might be persuaded to regail you with Prince stories from my MN days...

the Knittiot

12/03/2004 02:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#66. . .ohmigod. I love the "it is really hot" story, but you're not sure about the helper monkey?
Jimini. you are too funny.
I saw Jane's addiction at the tsongas arena, back before it was the tsongas arena. You're right. It isn't much of a venue. More of a hangar than a venue.
It makes people want to slam dance, though.
julia fc

12/03/2004 03:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stitchy-
You are too funny! "hee hee -69!" indeed! I must tell a story. When I was two months pregnant with my first daughter, Gemma, (who is now almost 15!) I was very blah and down. (okay, practically psycho, which is just how I am when I'm pregnant!) My husband tried to be nice by taking me to dinner. I went in a pair of jeans and a dirty sweater, too tired to even comb my hair. It was a totally crowded Saturday night at Red Lobster, and we had to go sit in the bar to wait on a table. Of course, I could not have a real drink, but my hubby went up to the bartender to order one for himself. It was a lady bartender, and since she couldn't see me, she immediately began flirting with him, smiling, laughing, making small talk. He chuckled nervously at her jokes, suddenly realizing the precariousness of his position as he saw me glowering out of the corner of his eye. When she asked if he wanted to pay for it now, or put it on the check for the table number, he said, "Put it on the tab."
"What's your number?"
He looks at our card.
" FAVORITE number!" followed by more flirty giggling.
He knew somebody was gonna get it.
Of course I couldn't really take my hostility out on the bartender, now could I?
The poor man got a french fry thrown IN HIS EYE as soon as we got some food!
No, he didn't deserve that, but considering what I went through to have the baby, I think he got off easy!

12/04/2004 12:23:00 PM  
Blogger Elena said...

Hee hee. My partner and I are always trying to summon the monkey butler from the bed on our mornings off. All we get are pesky cats. I'm so impressed that you take drugs to live with your cats. I would, too, if necessary (well, not your cats, that would be weird.)

12/04/2004 04:10:00 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Great list. I'm too worried to post such info I might be found by ex-associates of mine. Oh, if you come through Maryland on a good day you might have #45 happen.. when he's in town.

12/04/2004 08:26:00 PM  
Blogger Marnie said...

I grew up in Amherst, NH. Don't hold it against me though, I never fit in. ;)
Loved the list and all the pics. It's nice to find out things you'd normally never know about your favorite bloggers.

12/05/2004 02:16:00 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

Stitchy Dahlink, I loved your 100 list and don't fret that everyone in blogland is doing it. It is an introspective look at oneself and very clarifying, in a melted butter sense. All the crud sinks to the bottom and we can see ourselves as we clearly are, creative and entertaining.
In jr.high we had steno pads with like 48 pages, each with a question at the top. These were passed around to anyone who would participate and then later howls of laughter would accompany the reading.
We hardly knew our rears from holes in the ground at that age but we thought we were so deep.
Melody at

12/06/2004 10:25:00 AM  
Blogger elfchicken said...

i hear ya on many counts, stitchy
for one thing, i agree wholeheartedly with you about art school. despite being an artist, i never wanted to go to an art school but spent four years at one anyway, and though i got a degree out of it, the special reward that i was not expecting upon graduation was that for a long time afterwards, i no longer felt like making art being so burnt out from dissecting it. now things are ok though art-wise, and i see they are for you too : ) yay. time heals all (most) things...
oh, and joshua tree...too much to write, so i shall put it in me blog. but yeah, joshua tree.

12/06/2004 02:49:00 PM  
Blogger staceyjoy said...


12/07/2004 01:26:00 PM  
Blogger wenders said...

this is my favorite 100 list so far. :)

12/07/2004 06:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the few "100 Things..." lists that didn't make me thing "Gosh, I didn't need to know that about you, or your kids, or your husband." Loved it, thanks!

12/09/2004 04:52:00 PM  
Blogger Anne-Caroline said...

I love the photos in your awesome. Are you inpsiring me to write one - eek, I gave in to the poncho craze, maybe it's just a matter of time with the 100 things lists. But seriously, how AWESOME was your wedding get-up?!!!!!

12/12/2004 09:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that wedding dress!!! Too Faboo! And yeah, I hate March too. Thought I was the only one.


12/13/2004 07:05:00 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

I too had a Dodge Dart (1977). Mine was originally copper, but through a little collision with a pickup truck, became the car of many colors. We called it the Muppet Mobile. If you included the rust, it was about 7 different colors. You know, the hood was light blue, the driver's side quarter panel was dark blue, the grill was yellow.... that sort of thing. Not anywhere near as cool as yours.
I love your list. I should think about mine. Maybe even post it...

12/14/2004 12:28:00 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

I loved the Monkees, (in their '80s revival, however) but my favorite was Peter Tork. Did you ever see The New Monkees? I loved that as well, even though it beared very little resemblance to the first one.

I loved your work story. Truly one of the few great type stories.

Keep up the good work!

3/04/2005 01:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had so much fun reading your list! It made me laugh so hard, especially seeing alot of myself in the things you said. Thanks for a great laugh today. :)

4/04/2005 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

holy cow, or as my kid would say, 'oily cow!' we have a lot in common!

Paddington bear was one of my all time favorite books from childhood.

I too have been a Deppaholic since Jump Street.

I also think MST3k is the most brilliant thing I've ever witnessed on a screen.

Still reading the list but there must be more...scary, really scary !LOL

4/26/2005 11:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... go on.

5/04/2005 12:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw a dog that looks like a little goat.
-Ms Amy

7/06/2005 10:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have many squirrel friends.
Look at the International Moo Cow SIGHT WITH

7/06/2005 10:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have just been vetted by your father-in-law and grandmother-in-law and we are not amused. Fortunately the older of us did not understand much of what is here. Cheesecake factory indeed. Next they'll have a special chocolate factory and make a dreadful movie out it. But I wonder how good chocolate would be for construction (ask your sister-in-law who knows about construction- she is an expert in that stuff even if I did not get the relationship of you two right- I was always lost in kinship systems in cultural anthropology. I hope this entry amuses you and others. If it doesn't amuse, I hope it at least annoys. Love me or hate me but for GOD'S SAKE do not ignore me!

8/05/2005 10:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMFAO...I almost peed my pants when I read #56....BEEN THERE...DONE THAT...although my wine was beer and my pringles was doritos...but other then that...exactly the same...

Great blog


9/02/2005 05:33:00 PM  
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Blogger HANNAH'S DAD said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

101. You are shamazing with a capital SHA. Really. I mean it.

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I love the pics of you and Danny as kids. Dan's expression hasn't changed a bit. ;-)

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